Shopping FAQs

Thanks for shopping at Hey Eonni. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

Q: Do you ship globally?
A: Yes. We ship worldwide. 

Q: How is the shipping fee calculated?
A: We use the standard Korean postal service, and the shipping fees are applied based on the weight of your order(s). The total fee will be automatically at the very end of your shopping process, right before you pay.

Q: Do you offer tracking?
A: We use the standard Korean postal service and tracking codes are not provided.

Q: When do you ship orders?
A: Orders are shipped out every day, right after the order and the payment have been checked.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: You can only cancel your order before the order is shipped. 

Q: What is your return and refund policy?
A: If you cancel the order within 12 hours, you can get a full refund, but once the order has been shipped, no refund is possible. In case there's a clear problem with the product, please contact us at 

Q: Can I make a request for an item to be sold at
A: Yes, you certainly can! If you want to buy a certain kind of item from our store but it is not available yet, please e-mail us at to make a suggestion.