About Hey Eonni

안녕하세요! Welcome to Hey Eonni.

We are a team based in Seoul, South Korea that is dedicated to helping you buy good-quality products about Korea. You can find Korean books, stationery items, magazines, gift cards and much more on our store at HeyEonni.com

The reason that our store is called "Hey Eonni (헤이 언니)" is because when we get messages from my friends from other countries, their messages often start with "Hey Eonni, where can I buy that?" or "Hey Eonni, where did you get your dress?". If you are not familiar with the term yet, you can listen to it here or view the definition here.

Happy shopping! 

Hey Eonni was started by Mikyung  and passed on to Hugh from My Korean Husband but right now Kenny from Interracial Korea will be your Eonni (or rather Oppa)